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Frequently Asked Questions


How often should I have my system checked?

If your system is more than 3 years old it should be serviced annually, especially if it is a fossil fuel burning system i.e. gas or oil.


How often should I change my filter?

Different filters require different service schedules, but in most cases the filter should be checked once per month and changed or cleaned as necessary.


How long does it take to install a new high velocity system and can I remain in the house during the installation?

Typically a high velocity system installation takes 5 days from start to finish and there is no need to vacate the home.


How long should I expect to be without heating or air conditioning during they replacement of my system?

You should only be out of service during the day of the replacement. The heat or air conditioning is typically back on at the end of the day.


Do I need a humidifier?

Most often the answer is yes, especially on forced air heating systems and for customers who may have sinus or allergy issues. Proper humidity levels can also make the home feel warmer.


Do I need a dehumidifier?

Most dehumidification is required during the summer months and a properly sized air conditioning system will control the humidity levels. However, some basements will require dehumidification year round which can be controlled with a stand alone type of dehumidifier.


What is the best type of heating system?

A lot depends on the home and location, but in general the most comfortable type of heating system is one that utilizes a hot water/radiant system. These provide even heat and don't dry out the air.